Using the Domain Designer

You use the Domain Designer to define all the components of a Domain. From the bottom of the Add New Domain or Edit Domain pages, click Create in Domain Designer or Edit in Domain Designer, respectively to open the Domain Designer console. Along the top of the Domain Designer console are tabs for configuring various aspects of the design:

Tables tab – Select all tables whose columns you want to use in the Domain, either directly or indirectly.
Derived Tables tab – Enter queries whose results appear as derived tables available in the Domain.
Joins tab – Define inner and outer joins between all the tables and derived tables.
Calculated Fields tab – Enter expressions whose results appear as calculated fields.
Pre-filters tab – Specify conditions on field values to limit the data accessed through the Domain.
Display tab – Organize the visual aspects of the Domain and change the display properties of tables, columns, sets, and items exposed to Domain users.

From the Tables tab, you can navigate to any other tab. To navigate between tabs, click the tab name at the top of the Domain Designer. Before you can save the design, you must choose which sets and items to expose to users of the Domain. The OK button on the console validates the design and saves it in the location you specified earlier. For more information, see Domain Validation. After saving a Domain, you can modify it using the Domain Designer.

The Cancel button on the console exits the Domain Designer without saving any of the design settings. For new Domains, no design is saved; when modifying an existing design, it remains unchanged.