Connecting to the Server from iReport

This procedure shows you how to connect to JasperReports Server directly from iReport.

To access the server repository within iReport:

1. Start iReport:
     In Windows, click Start > All Programs >JasperReports Server 4.2 > Start iReport Designer; or
     In Linux, change to the iReport home directory and enter ./ at the command prompt.
2. Click Window >JasperReports Server Repository.

The Repository Navigator tool bar appears.

3. On initial startup of iReport, no servers are configured. To add a server, click in the Repository Navigator tool bar.

The JasperReports Server Access Configuration dialog appears.

4. Enter configuration information to access your server instance. All fields are required:
     Name – An identifier for this server instance that will appear in the Repository Navigator.
     JasperReports Server URL – Full URL to the repository web service; check that the default URL is jasperserver-pro. You need to change hostname to the name of your server:


     Organization – If there is more than one organization in the server instance, you must specify the ID or the alias of the user’s organization, for example organization_1. In the default installation with a single organization, you can leave this field blank.
     Username – ID of the user accessing the server from iReport.
     Password – The password of the user.

Configuration to Access the Server from iReport

5. Click Save, then expand the repository tree in the Repository Navigator.

Server Repository as Seen from iReport

The visibility and access to resources in the Repository Navigator depend on the organization and permissions of the user.

You can add multiple servers to the Repository Navigator. Servers configured for iReport3.1 versions of the plug-in and later are compatible with the iReport4.0.0 or later version of the plug-in. You may experience problems if you connect to incompatible servers.