Uploading a Design File to a Domain

After you have modified an XML design file, you can upload it through the Add New Domain page. Alternatively, you can create a new Domain based on a modified file or even on a design file created from scratch.

To upload an XML design file:

1. Log in to the server as an administrator and select View > Search Results.
2. Locate the Domain.
a. Choose View > Search Results.
b. In the Filters panel, under Types, click More choices.
c. Click Domains.
3. To update an existing Domain, right-click the Domain and select Edit from the context-menu.

To create a new Domain, select Create > Domain from the main menu.

The Domain appears in the Data and Design page of the Edit Domain or Add New Domain dialog. If you are creating a new Domain, you must select a data source before you can proceed.

4. Select Upload under Domain Design, then click Browse to find the XML design file. In the File Upload window, click Open.

The design file overwrites any existing design without prompting. If you make a mistake or upload the wrong file, click Cancel on the Data and Design page and start over.

The server validates the uploaded XML file. If there are syntax or semantic errors, the current design is not replaced. You can make changes to the XML file and upload it again until there are no errors.

5. If you used only supported features in the design file, verify the uploaded Domain design by selecting Edit in Domain Designer. Make sure the settings you made in the XML file appear as expected on the various tabs of the Domain Designer. If there are any errors or inconsistencies, you should make changes to the XML file, upload it again, and verify it again. The results of editing a design in the Domain Designer based on inconsistent XML file are unpredictable. If you cannot resolve the error or inconsistencies, you should click Cancel on the Data and Design page so that the uploaded design is not saved.

After the design appears correctly in the Domain Designer, you may make further modifications on any of the tabs.

If you intentionally use syntax in the design file that Domain Designer does not support, do not launch the Domain Designer after uploading the file. The Domain Designer can have unpredictable results with some XML designs it does not support.

6. Click OK, then click Submit to update the Domain in the repository.
7. If you modified an existing Domain, you must clear the Ad Hoc cache of all queries based on the Domain. This removes any data that was based on the old instance of the Domain and avoid inconsistencies in new reports. For instructions, see the JasperReports Server Administrator Guide.