Exporting the Design File from a Domain

The design file of a Domain can be exported from the Domain Designer dialog and saved as an XML file. The file contains the current state of the Domain in the Domain Designer.

To export a Domain’s design file:

1. Log in to the server as an administrator and browse or search for the Domain you want to export.
2. Right-click the Domain and select Edit from the context-menu.

The Edit Domain page of the Domain Designer appears.

3. In Domain Design, click Edit with Domain Designer.

The Domain Designer opens to the Tables tab. The tabs of the designer show the design settings for this Domain that you can export to XML.

4. Click Export Design.
5. If your data source supports schemas (subdivisions of a database), you are prompted to include the schema name in the table name. Select Yes if you intend to use this Domain design file with the same data source and schema. Select No if you intend to re-use this Domain design with other data sources or other schemas.
6. The browser usually gives you the choice of viewing or saving the file. To save the design file, select a location and give it a name. Be sure to keep the .xml suffix.

The server validates the design before exporting the XML file. If errors are found, you can cancel the export. For more information, see Domain Validation.