Components of a Domain

A Domain is saved as an object in the repository. Like other repository objects, it has a name, optional description, and folder location specified at creation time. A Domain references the following components:

A JDBC, JNDI, or virtual data source whose tables and columns are presented through the Domain. Data sources are selected from previously defined data sources in the repository.
The Domain design that specifies tables and columns in the data source, queries for derived tables, joins between tables, calculated fields, and labels to display the columns.
Optional locale bundles consisting of localized property files that present labels and descriptions in other languages.
Optional security file that defines row and column-level access privileges based on users or roles.

The Domain design is either created using the Domain Designer or uploaded from an external XML file. Locale bundles and security files are uploaded from external files. The following sections describe the various dialogs for selecting, creating, or uploading the components of a Domain.