Running a Job in the Background

Running a job in the background generates a report, potentially long-running, without interrupting your workflow. You can keep working in the server as the job runs. When the job completes, you can export the report directly to any format and save it in the repository. You can share a report with others by sending the generated report by email.

Running a job in the background is equivalent to scheduling the report to run immediately without recurrence.

To run a job in the background:

1. On the Home page, click View Your Reports; or from any page, click View > Reports.
2. Use the search field or Filters to find the report you want to run.
3. Right-click the report and select Run in Background from the context menu.

The Output page appears as shown in the figure “Output Page for Scheduling a Report – Output File Options”.

4. Set the output format and location, as described in Setting Output Options. By default, the report output is saved in the repository.
5. (Optional) If the report you are running has input controls that prompt for user input, click the Parameters tab. Choose a set of saved values, or set the fields one at a time.
6. (Optional) Click the Notifications tab and set up email notifications, as described in Setting Up Notifications
7. Click Save.

The report begins to run immediately.