Sorting the Repository List

To change the order of the list of reports and other resources, use the Sort By controls:

Click Name to sort alphabetically (A at the top). This is the default sort order.
Click Modified Date to sort by the latest modified time and date (most recent at the top).

Mastering Report Design

JasperReports open source library drives the reporting engine of the server. The default server installation includes iReport and an extensive set of free JasperReports samples. To master report design or to learn about a specific aspect of it, such as charting, take advantage of these samples.

Locating JasperReports Samples

In the figure “JasperReports Samples Installed with JasperReports Server”, you'll see the location of these samples in <js-install>\ireport\demo\samples after installing the server.

<js-install> is the root directory where JasperReports Server is installed.

JasperReports Samples Installed with JasperReports Server

The installers for the standalone version of iReport and JasperReports also install the samples.

Learning about the Samples

The samples are documented online:

JasperReports Samples Reference

Click the Docs link on our community website to find more documentation about iReportand JasperReports Server.