Manage Data Source Dialog Box

The name of the data source that you choose for the Domain appears at the top of the Data Source panel on the Tables tab. Click the name of the data source to make changes to it. The Manage Data Source dialog box appears:

Manage Data Source Dialog Box of the Tables Tab

As shown in this figure, the default name for a data source is the display name of its repository object. You can edit the name by typing a new one. Usually, this is not necessary because Domain users do not see the name of the data source. However, if you select a new data source for the Domain, the name in the design does not change automatically. In this situation, you typically change the name in the design to match the new data source.

If the database changes servers, you need to create a new data source object and use it to replace the previous one in the Domain. To change the data source, select a new one, and click OK to apply the changes.

When you change the data source, previous settings in the Domain Designer that do not conform to the new data source are lost without prompting. Before you change the data source of a Domain, copy the Domain as described in Copying a Domain. For more information about switching the data source, see \Switching the Data Source of a Domain.

If the database supports schemas, such as PostgreSQL, Oracle RDBMS, or virtual data sources, click Select Schemas at the bottom of the Manage Data Source dialog box to choose among available schemas in the data source. The tables in the schemas that you choose appear in the Data Sources panel.

The Data Source panel shows columns that have a supported type listed on . If the data source has special datatypes such as CLOB or NVARCHAR2, or if you access synonyms on an Oracle database, you need to configure the server to recognize them. See the configuration chapter in the JasperReports Server Administrator Guide.