Editing a Dashboard

You can edit a dashboard if you have the proper permissions.

To edit a dashboard:

1. Select View > Repository and search or browse for the Dashboard you want to modify.

By default, the repository includes the /Dashboards folder where you can store dashboards.

2. Right-click the dashboard and select Open in Designer from the context menu.

The designer appears, displaying the dashboard.

3. Edit the dashboard by adding, removing, resizing, or dragging content. Drag an item from the Available Content list and drop it on an existing frame to replace the existing content.

For more information about working with dashboard content, see Creating a Dashboard.

4. When you are satisfied with the dashboard, click Save.
5. To create a new version of the dashboard, select Save As from the Dashboard Selector context menu, and specify a new name.

Tips for Designing Dashboards

Charts and small crosstabs are best suited to dashboards. However, you can design table reports that work well in the dashboard. Such reports tend to be very narrow and are typically used with input controls to limit the number of rows they return.

Keep reports small because dashboards typically contain more than one. In particular, reports shouldn’t be too wide, as horizontal room is always at a premium in a dashboard. The server strips margins from an Ad Hoc report when displaying the report on a dashboard.