Overview of Creating a Domain

In practice, you should plan Domain features before you begin the creation process. Decide on the data source and define it in the server repository. If you need to combine several data sources into a single data source, first define each data source in the repository and then create a virtual data source that combines them. Know the elements of your design: tables and columns to choose, joins to perform, filters to define, sets you need, and item properties to expose to users. Determine whether the users of the Domain need localized resources, such as translated labels and local formats. Finally, determine a security policy for the data retrieved through the Domain.

To launch the Domain Designer:

1. As an administrative user, select Add Resource > Domain in the repository to open the Add New Domain page of the Domain Designer.
2. Enter a name and optional description for the Domain.
3. Under Data Source, browse to locate a data source.
4. Optionally define localization bundles or data-level security on the Add New Domain page of the Domain Designer.
5. Click Create with Domain Designer to launch the Domain Designer.

The next two sections include detailed examples of creating Domains.