Advanced Domain Features

The security file and locale bundle are optional information in a Domain. When included, these options provide data access permissions and localized strings for reports based on a Domain. The data security and localized strings are defined in external files that Domain creators must upload to the Domain. Security and locale options take effect in the Ad Hoc Editor when creating the report and in the final output when running the report.

The Domain design can be exported to an XML file and edited outside of JasperReports Server. This gives Domain creators an alternative to using JasperReports Server to modify the design and simplifies sharing of Domains between systems. This chapter documents the syntax for the security file and locale bundle and discusses the important considerations in writing or modifying file contents. The discussion begins with the Domain design file because the security file and locale bundles rely on certain values it contains.

For a definition of the terms column, field, and item as used in Domains, see Terminology.