Tables Tab

The Tables tab contains two panels:

Data Source – Shows the tables and columns in the data source or database schema you chose in the Add New Domain page.
Selected Tables – Shows all tables and columns that you use to design the Domain. Initially, this panel is blank.

Typically, you move the following tables from Data Source to Selected Tables:

Tables that need to be joined
Tables that you want to reference in the Domain design, even if their columns do not appear directly in the Domain.

For example, select the tables containing columns that you want to use in a derived table or calculated field.

An understanding of the logical design of tables in the data source is critical to selecting which tables need to be joined.

To select tables for use in designing the Domain, first expand the table icons beside the table names to inspect the columns of a table. Double-click or drag a table name in the Data Source panel to move it to the Selected Tables panel. Alternatively, use or to move a table from one panel to the other.

On the Tables tab, you can select only entire tables for the Domain. On the Display tab, you can make column-level selections.

To remove a table, double-click or drag it out of Selected Tables. You can also click to clear Selected Tables.

The Inspect new tables and automatically generate joins check box at the bottom of Selected Tables creates joins only if the database has been configured with referential constraints (foreign keys). Otherwise, selecting it has no effect.

If applicable, the generated joins appear on the Join tab.

The Tables tab does not detect changes to the database tables and columns in real-time. To update a Domain after making changes to the database structure, click OK to close the Domain Designer, then launch it again.

Keep the following points in mind regarding Domain updates:

New tables and columns appear in the Data Source panel; new columns appear under their table name.
To add a new column to the Domain, move its table to Selected Tables.

The Tables tab works only with entire tables.

From Selected Tables, respond affirmatively to the prompt to remove tables and columns deleted from the database.

The Domain Designer removes those columns or tables from the Tables tab.

If you had selected the dropped columns for display, you must manually remove them from the Display tab, otherwise the Domain issues a validation error. For information about removing columns that were displayed through the Domain, see Maintaining Referential Integrity.