Running an HTML5 Chart

The JasperReports Server commercial editions support HTML5 charts, which you can use to create interactive reports. HTML5 charts can be created in the Ad Hoc Editor, iReport Professional, or Jaspersoft Studio Professional. The sample data installed with the server includes several simple examples of HTML5 charts.

To find and run a HTML5 chart example:

1. From any page in the server, type html5 into the search field and press Enter or click . You will see a list of Ad Hoc views and reports that include HTML5 charts.

The following table shows some of the ways you can interact with an HTML5 chart.

HTML5 Chart Interactivity



Canvas Options menu. Select Chart Types... from this menu to display the Select Chart Type window and change the chart type. Chart types include bar, column, line, time series, area, and pie. Save the report to save the new chart type. See Selecting a Chart Type for more information.

Interactive legends. Legends at the bottom of the chart display column members. Click a legend to hide its related data; click again to view the data. See Hiding Group Members for more information

Point tooltip. Hover over any point on the chart to see a tooltip showing details for that point.

Zoom. Swipe or click and drag to zoom into an area of a chart. See Zooming for more information.