Refining a Dashboard’s Layout

After completing the layout, refine the look and feel of the dashboard.

To refine the dashboard’s layout:

1. If it isn’t open, locate the Sales Dashboard saved in Adding a Custom URL to a Dashboard, typically in the /Dashboards folder.
2. Right-click the dashboard name, select Open in Designer from the context menu
3. When the dashboard opens in the designer, click Preview.

The end user’s view of the dashboard appears. If the dashboard is already open in the browser, the server updates that page rather than opening a new window or tab.

4. In the Country field, select a new value.

The Interactive Sales Report and custom URL frames do not update because the dashboard includes the Submit button.

5. Return to the dashboard designer and, on the canvas, hover the cursor over the Submit button. Click the hover border when it appears.
6. From the context menu, click Delete Item.

The Submit button disappears.

7. Reposition the Reset button to center it in the available space, then click Click to add dashboard title.

The title becomes editable.

8. Enter Orders and Current Events by Country.
9. Click Preview.

The end user view of the dashboard appears.

10. Change the value in the Country input control.

The dashboard reflects the change immediately:

Dashboard with Sample Reports and Special Content

11. Return to the dashboard designer and click Save > Save Dashboard. The dashboard is saved to the repository.