Accessing Reports and Domains from iReport

This section describes functionality that can be restricted by the software license for JasperReports Server. If you don’t see some of the options described in this section, your license may prohibit you from using them. To find out what you're licensed to use, or to upgrade your license, contact Jaspersoft.

iReport Designer includes JasperReports Server and Domain plug-ins. Using the JasperReports Server Plug-in, you move reports between iReport and JasperReports Server. The server plug-in uses web services to interact with the server.

You can download Jaspersoft iReport Designer from the Jaspersoft Community website.

Some tasks you can perform using the server plug-in are:

Browse the repository on the server from iReport.
Add reports and subreports to the repository from iReport.
Drag and drop images and other resources from the repository to the iReport tab.
Add and delete folders and resources on the server from iReport. Resources include images, fonts, JRXML files, JAR files, datatypes, and input controls.
Modify resource properties on the server from iReport.
Link input controls to reports on the server.
Import and export data sources (JDBC, JNDI, and JavaBean).
Download, edit, and upload JRXML files.
Connect to multiple servers to facilitate access both test and production environments.

Using the Domain Plug-in, you can create a report in iReportbased on a Domain in JasperReports Server.