Running or Creating a Simple Report

You can view and work on a report in the Report Viewer in a number of ways:

Running an instance of an existing report
Creating a new report from an existing Ad Hoc view

Running a Simple Report

This section describes how to run a tabular report that lists account data.

To run a report:

1. Log into the server as an administrator, such as jasperadmin.
2. On the Home page, click View list in the Reports block.

The search results appear, listing your own files and other files that your user account has permission to view. If you log in as jasperadmin, 05. Accounts Report appears in the search results.

To run a report, click the name of a report in the repository. For example, click 05. Accounts Report. The report appears, as shown in the figure “Output of the Accounts Report”

Search Results Listing



3. .

Output of the Accounts Report

If you are running a report with multiple pages, the first page of the report appears before the entire report is loaded. You can begin scrolling through report pages as they load, as indicated in the pagination controls in the upper left corner of the Report Viewer.

If you want to cancel loading the report before it is complete, click the Cancel Loading button that appears next to the pagination controls.