Domain Validation

The validation of a Domain ensures that all of its components are consistent. The Domain Designer checks the syntax of files when they are uploaded, but overall consistency must be checked when saving a new or edited Domain.

When you click Check Design, the Domain Designer performs the following validation.

1. Verifies that the tables and columns of the Domain design exist in the data source.

In special cases where you need to create a design before the data source is available, this step can be omitted by setting a parameter in the server configuration file. See the JasperReports Server Administrator Guide.

2. Verifies that all items in each defined set originate in the same join tree.
3. Verifies that all items reference existing columns.
4. Verifies that derived tables have valid SQL queries.
5. If a security file has been uploaded, verifies that all items and sets in the security file exist in the Domain design.

If validation fails, the Domain Designer remains open and a message appears to help you correct the error. Make the necessary changes to the settings and save again. If the settings are in the uploaded files, edit the files and upload them again.

Validation is important because the Domain design may include derived table queries and calculated field expressions entered by the user.

Validation occurs at the following times:

When opening the Domain Designer. This check detects any inconsistencies in Domain designs from uploaded files.
When navigating from tab to tab under certain circumstances. This check detects problems on the tab where they occur.
When changing the data source.
When exporting the Domain design file.
When clicking Check Design in the Domain Designer.
When clicking OK to exit the Domain Designer.

Unless you click Check Design, no message appears when validation succeeds. When validation fails, however, a message appears to help you correct the error.