Designer Tool Bar

The tool bar buttons operate on the Domain design in its current state, regardless of which tab is selected.

Check Design – Validates the Domain as described in the next section.
Export Design – Exports the XML design for the Domain. Use this menu item if you want to edit the XML in an external editor, for example to duplicate settings with copy-paste or to enter a complex formula. Exporting the XML design from the Domain Designer avoids having to write it from scratch. For more information, see The Domain Design File.
Export Bundle – Generates the internationalization keys and saves them to a Java properties file that serves as a template for the locale bundles. Use this menu item to create a template for the locale bundles after you have defined the sets and items on the Display tab. You can select a check box to automatically generate keys based on the set and item IDs. This option is visible only after you define localized sets or items. For more information, see Locale Bundles.

You can save time editing the properties for a large number of sets and items by using the exported XML file instead of using the properties table on the Display tab. For more information about saving and uploading XML, see The Domain Design File.

Before exporting a bundle, make sure the set and item IDs are finalized because they are used to generate the keys. The generated keys are added to the Domain design and appear in the table of properties. For more information about the internationalization keys, see Locale Bundles.