Saving Input Control Values

You can save your selected input control values to use at another time. You will have the original report and a copy of it JasperReports Server saves a version of the report with the selected values as a child of the original report. This new version of the report appears as a child of the original report in the repository, as shown in “Filtered Version of Geographic Results Report in Repository”. Click next to the original report in the repository to see all versions of it.

Your saved input control values also appears in a drop-down list when you open the input controls dialog.

Filtered Version of Geographic Results Report in Repository

To save the input control values:

1. In the repository, locate and run the report 1. Geographic Results by Segment Report.
2. On the tool bar, click .
3. Select all of the onion products, as described in Multi-select Input Controls.
4. Click save at the bottom of the dialog box.
5. Enter "Interactive Sales Report for Onion Products" as a name for the input control values and click Save.

JasperReports Server saves the input control values as an option. A new drop-down box appears at the top of the Filters panel.

Saved Input Controls Option

6. Select Interactive Sales Report for Onion Products from the list of options and click OK. The report shows data for onion-related products only.