Running Reports and the Report Viewer

JasperReports Server makes it easy to run reports. When you run a report, it opens in the interactive Report Viewer. With the Viewer, you can personalize and refine the displayed report data. If the report has input controls, you run the report with one set of data and then another.

This chapter contains the following sections:

Overview of The Report Viewer
Running or Creating a Simple Report
Getting New Perspectives on Data
Navigating the Report
Exporting the Report
Scheduling a Report
Getting the Embed Code for Visualize.js
Running a Fusion Chart
Running a Report with Input Controls or Filters
Running a Report Book

The tutorials in this chapter and throughout this guide assume you’ve installed the sample data provided with the server.

Overview of The Report Viewer

The Report Viewer allows you to view a report, export content to various output formats, and apply formatting, sorting, and filters to control how the data is displayed.

This section describes the functions available in the Report Viewer. You can find more detailed information about using this functionality throughout this chapter.

To open a report in the Report Viewer:

1. Locate your report in the library or repository.
2. Click the report name, or right-click the report name and select Run. In the repository, you can also click the report row and select Run from the tool bar. The report opens in the Report Viewer.