Running a Report Book

Report books are multiple reports bundled into a single object, created in Jaspersoft Studio. You can run and view report books from the Library page or the repository, much like you would a standard report. However, report books contain some elements that are not found in standard reports.

To run a report book in the Report Viewer:

1. In the repository, click the name of the report book you want to run. For example, click the sample 17. Report Workbook. The report appears, as shown below.

Sample report book as seen in the Report Viewer.

The sample report book contains three bundled reports:

     Distribution by Country, a chart-type report.
     Customer Education, a crosstab-type report.
     Customers List, a table-type report.

Each of these reports can be accessed by a tab, along with the Table of Contents page, located at the top of the Report Viewer.

2. Click the Chart tab to open the Customer Distribution by Country report. Note that you can interact with this report as you would with a standard chart-based report in the viewer.
3. Click the TocReport tab to return to the table of contents page.
4. Scroll down and click the Acapulco entry in the table of contents. The first page of the Acapulco table entries is displayed.
5. Click to open the bookmarks pane.
6. Click the Customer Education entry in the bookmarks pane. The Customer Education crosstab report opens in the viewer.
7. Close the bookmarks pane by clicking the x in the upper right corner of the pane.