Interactively Sorting a Report

You can also sort data in report output interactively. For example, you can sort the data alphabetically in ascending or descending order within each city listed in the Accounts Report.

To interactively sort report output:

1. As you run the type of report shown in “Output of the Accounts Report”, click the column you want to use for sorting the report. For example, click the Name column in the Accounts report.
2. Click (sort ascending) or (sort descending). The report refreshes, and data appears sorted by the selected column in the selected order. In this example, for instance, if you select , the grouped rows of data are sorted alphabetically in ascending order within each group. Row 1 of the Burnaby, Canada group is now D & Z McLaughlin Electronics, Ltd and row 1 of the Cliffside, Canada group is Abbott-Liff Electronics Holdings.

The heading text in the column used to sort report data appears red, and the up or down arrow icon in the column header indicates that report output now appears in ascending or descending order, respectively.

To change the sort order of the groups themselves, you have to modify the report query.