Viewing a Dashboard

You can view a dashboard if you have the proper permissions. The following procedure walks you through opening one of JasperReports Server's samples, the Supermart dashboard.

To view the Supermart dashboard:

1. Log in as user demo, using the password demo.

Passwords are case-sensitive. You must use lowercase when you type demo.

The Supermart Top View dashboard opens in the dashboard viewer.

Supermart Dashboard Example

2. Click one of the USA gauges.
3. Select USA, then click Close to change the data displayed.

The two dashlets with Country data update to display data for USA only.

You can click on the funnel icon to select one or more countries from a filter panel.

4. Click on Sales Metrics Dashboard.

A new dashboard opens. The Sales Metrics Dashboard includes reports on sales by region, state, and city.

5. On Sales Metrics Dashboard, click Back to return to the Supermart Dashboard.

Use the Back button instead of browser back button. This ensures the best experience with respect to the state of the previous page.

6. When done, click View > Repository to go to the repository page.

If a dashboard does not appear when you click on its name in the repository, it may already be open in another window or tab of your browser.

If you have the proper permissions, you can easily switch from viewing a dashboard to editing it.

To edit the Supermart dashboard:

1. Open the Supermart dashboard in the dashboard viewer.
2. Click the Viewing button on the title bar and select Editing from the drop-down list.
3. Edit the dashboard by adding, removing, resizing, or dragging content.

For more information about working with dashboard content, see Creating a Dashboard.

4. When you are satisfied with the dashboard, hover your cursor over and select Save Dashboard. To create a new version of the dashboard, select Save Dashboard As and specify a new name.

If you close the dashboard without saving the changes, you are prompted to save or cancel the changes made to the dashboard.