Exporting Dashboards and Dashlets

You can export a dashboard or a dashlet and save it on your computer. Dashboards can be exported as a screenshot or in a detailed mode as a document. Dashlets can be exported in a detailed mode as a document. Exporting a dashboard or dashlet requires the following:

The export button has been enabled for the dashboard or dashlet. See Dashboard Settings and Dashlet Settings for more information.
Chrome/Chromium is installed on the computer hosting JasperReports Server. For information on configuring Chrome/Chromium for dashboards, see the System Configuration chapter in the JasperReports Server Administrator Guide.

To export a dashboard or a dashlet:

1. Select View > Repository and search or browse for the Dashboard you want to export.
2. Click the link to open the dashboard.
3. Hover your cursor over for the dashboard or individual dashlet and select the export format from the drop-down list.

The available formats for dashboards are:

Type Format

PNG Image (.png)
PDF Document (.pdf)
Microsoft Word (.docx)
OpenDocument Text (.odt)
Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)


PDF Document (.pdf)
Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
Comma Separated Values (.csv)
Microsoft Word (.docx)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
OpenDocument Text (.odt)
OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)
Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)

The available formats for dashlets are:

     PDF Document (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Comma Separated Values (.csv), OpenDocument Text (.odt), OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods), Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft Excel - Paginated(.xlsx), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)
4. Save the dashboard or dashlet in the export file format, for example PDF, or open it in the application.

You can export a dashboard containing a report with Detail Chart Enabled property as enabled or disabled. This property does not impact output formats like PDF, Excel, PPTX, etc.

If you perform the export while a dashlet is reloading its content, the dashlet will appear as a grayed-out box in the exported file.