Using Default Fonts in JasperReports Server

By default, the server uses three fonts for reports:

DejaVu Sans
DejaVu Serif
DejaVu Sans Mono

Using the DejaVu fonts shipped with the server ensures availability of fonts in all environments; the PDF is pixel-perfect every time.

The DejaVu fonts replace the Java logical fonts used in previous versions of the server:


SansSerif, Serif, Monospaced can still be used, but are deprecated because these Java logical fonts map to different TTF files in different environments, and run the risk of text being cut when exported to PDF due to font metric mismatches. Also, these Java logical fonts aren't recognized by some browsers, resulting in font substitutions. For example, Firefox in a Windows environment renders the SansSerif logical font as Serif.

When using the DejaVu fonts coming from font extensions, you don’t need to set any other font attributes (such as the pdfXXX attributes) in the JRXML or specify font mapping. The font extension file that makes these fonts available sets font attributes and mapping.

For more information about DejaVu, refer to its SourceForge project at:

When you upload a TrueType font to the repository, the file name must include the correct extension (.TTF).