Multi-select Input Controls

The 16. Interactive Sales Report has an example of a multi-select input control for Product Name.

To run a report with a multi-select input control:

1. In the repository, locate and run the report 16. Interactive Sales Report.
2. In the Filters panel, enter onion in the Search list for the Product Name input control.

Only products containing "onion" are shown.

3. Click the first item in the list, then scroll down and Shift-click to select all the items with "onion".
4. Click in the Search list again and delete the word onion.

All items are displayed, with ones that include "onion" selected.

5. Click the Selected tab to see that only items that are selected are displayed. Then click the Available tab to view all the items.
6. Click Invert to invert the selection.

Now all items are selected except those items that contain "onion".

7. Click Apply at the bottom of the panel. The report shows data only for products that do not contain the word "onion."

Multi-Input Control Selection