Viewing the List of Scheduled Jobs

View a list of all scheduled jobs:

All scheduled jobs that the user has defined appear on the Click View > Schedules page.

The Schedules Page

Typical users see only the jobs they have defined; administrators see the jobs defined by all users. In “The Schedules Page ”, jasperadmin has scheduled two jobs for the Geographic Results by Segment report.

You can use the Schedules page's search field to find the scheduled job you want.

The Schedules page shows the name of the scheduled report or dashboard, the repository URI of the job, the internal ID number of the job, the user (owner) who created the job, and the state of the job. Job states are:

NORMAL – The job is scheduled.
EXECUTING – The server is generating the output.
COMPLETE – The server has finished running the job and placed output to the repository.
PAUSED– The job has been disabled. Click Enabled to resume the schedule.
ERROR – The scheduler encountered an error while scheduling or triggering the job. This doesn’t include cases where the job is successfully triggered, but an error occurs while it runs.
UNKNOWN – The scheduler encountered an error with the job trigger.

The Schedules page includes these controls:

Enabled checkbox – When checked, the job will run at the scheduled times. When unchecked, the job is paused.
– Edits the schedule.
– Deletes the scheduled job.

When the server receives a request to delete a job that is running, the server completes running the job before deleting it.

View scheduled jobs for an individual report or dashboard:

Scheduled jobs appear in the repository with a icon beside the report or dashboard's name. To view the list of scheduled jobs for a report or dashboard, locate it in the repository, click on the icon or right-click the report or dashboard, and select Schedule from the context menu. The Scheduled Jobs page appears. The Scheduled Jobs display information that's similar to the Schedules page.

You can filter search results for scheduled jobs in the repository using the following options: Any schedule (scheduled and unscheduled reports), Scheduled, Scheduled by me, or Not scheduled. See Filtering Search Results for more information.

Buttons on the Scheduled Jobs page include:




Returns to the repository.

Create Schedule

Opens the Schedule tab to define a new job.

Run Now

Opens the scheduler and allows you to run the job immediately. See Running a Job in the Background.

Refresh List

Refreshes the list of jobs, for example to see if a job has finished running.

As Excel (.XLS) format is deprecated, the old scheduled jobs that export the reports to Excel (XLS) or Excel Paginated (XLS Paginated) now export the reports to Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) or Microsoft Excel - Paginated (.xlsx) format.

Changing Schedules

If the start date for a schedule has not yet passed, you can edit the schedule. Once the start date for a schedule has passed, create a new schedule rather than changing the start date.

To edit a schedule:

1. Click View > Schedules.
2. Click in the row of the job you want to change.
3. Make the changes on the Schedule, Parameters, Output, and Notifications pages.
4. Click Save. The update occurs immediately.

Pausing a Job

To stop a job from running without deleting it, disable the job.

To pause a scheduled job:

1. Click View > Schedules.
2. In the row of the job you want to stop, uncheck Enabled.

To resume a paused job:

1. Click View > Schedules.
2. In the row of the job you want to resume, check Enabled. When a stopped job is re-enabled, it waits until the next scheduled time to run.

Deleting a Job

To delete a scheduled job:

1. Click View > Schedules.
2. In the row of the job you want to delete, click .