The Report Viewer Tool Bar

The Report Viewer tool bar contains a number of controls for working with your report. These controls are described in “Report Viewer Tool Bar Icons”.

Report Viewer Tool Bar Icons




Refresh report with latest data

Click to refresh the report data from the data source.


Click to jump to the first page of the report.


Click to go to the previous page in the report

Current Page

Shows the number of the currently displayed report page.


Click to go to the next page in the report.


Click to jump to the last page of the report.

Zoom Out

Click to zoom out on the report.

Zoom In

Click to zoom in on the report

Zoom Options

Click this icon to open the Zoom Options drop-down menu.


Enter your search term here to find a text string in your report. Click the drop-down menu to toggle search preference settings.

Search Previous

Click to jump to the previous instance of the search term.

Search Next

Click to jump to the next instance of the search term.

Close Report

Exits the Report Viewer and takes you to the previous screen.


Place the cursor over this icon to open a menu of save options.



Click to export the View into one of the available formats.

Get embed code Click to display the Report Embed Code dialog. See Getting the Embed Code for Visualize.js for more information.
Schedule report Click to display the New Schedule dialog. See Scheduling a Report for more information.



Click to undo the most recent action.



Click to redo the most recently undone action.


Undo All

Click to revert the report to its most recently saved state.


Input Controls

Click to see the input controls applied to this report. For more information, refer to Simple Input Controls.


Bookmarks Click to display the Table of Contents pane. This pane is available only on reports with enabled Bookmarks.