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Report Books

Report books are multiple reports and/or subreports bundled into a single object. A report book is created as a single .jrxml, but rather than using the band paradigm to gather together report elements, it defines several sections into which book “parts” – reports, subreports, cover pages, and tables of contents – are organized.

As with reports, report books are driven by a data set. The data set allows you to define the flow of the book’s sections, and the parts within those sections.

Creating a report book has a number of separate tasks, including:

Creating the Report Book Framework
Creating and Adding Reports to the Report Book
Refining the Report Book
Configuring the Table of Contents
Report Book Pagination
Publishing the Report Book

This section provides a walkthrough of the report book creation process, using the sample.db included with your JasperReports Server installation. You will create a cover page, table of contents, and subreports to build into your report book.