Publishing a Report to JasperReports Server

Exporting a report is quite simple, but exporting the data source used to fill the report it isn't so trivial. For exporting the data source we have three options:

Data source from repository: the server uses a data source already there it to fill the report, so we only need to browse the server for our data source.
Local data source
Don't use any data source: only the report is exported without any data source connection

To publish a report to the server:

1. Open a report.
2. Click the Publish Report button , located in the upper-right hand corner of the Designer.

The Report Publishing Wizard opens.

Report Publishing Wizard

3. Navigate the directory structure and choose the directory where you want to store your report.
4. Name the report unit. The report unit contains all report files. Click Next.

The Select Resources window opens.

Select Resources

5. Select any resources you want to upload with your report and check the box if you want to overwrite previous versions of those resources. Click Next.

The Configure the data source window opens.

Configure Data Source

6. Select a data source, or no data source. Click Finish.

The report is uploaded to the server. If there are no errors, an appropriate message is shown.