Creating and Adding Reports to the Report Book

To create a report:

1. Click to open the Wizard selection window.
2. Expand the Jaspersoft Studio folder and select Jasper Report. Click Next.
3. In the Report Templates window, scroll to and select the Leaf Green template. Click Next.
4. In the Report file window, select the MyReports folder and change the Leaf_Green.jrxml file name to Content_Page_One.jrxml. Click Next.
5. In the Data Source window, select Sample DB – Database JDBC Connection, and enter the following query:

Select * from orders order by shipcity

6. Click Next.
7. In the Fields window, select the following Dataset fields to include in your subreport:
8. Click to move the selections into the Fields pane and click Next.
9. In the Group By window, select the SHIPCITY dataset field, then click to move the selection into the Fields pane.
10. Click Finish. The Content_Page_One.jrxml appears in the Design tab.
11. In the Project Explorer, right-click Content_Page_One.jrxml and select Compile Report. The resulting file, Content_Page_One.jasper, appears in the Project Explorer.

Adding a Report to the Report Book

Now you can add this new subreport to your report book. During this process, you will specify how the subreport is executed, by assigning a datasource.

To add a report to your report book:

1. Open the Sample_Book.jrxml in the Designer tab.
2. Drag Content_Page_One.jasper from the Project Explorer into the Content group.
3. In the Designer tab, click to select Content_Page_One.jasper.
4. In the Properties view, click Edit Parameters.
5. In the Report Part Parameters window, click Add to open the Parameter Configuration dialog.
6. In the Parameter Name field, enter REPORT_CONNECTION.
7. Click to open the Expression Editor.
8. In the first column, select Parameters.
9. From the center column, double-click REPORT_CONNECTION parameter connection to add it to the editor field, and click Finish. The expression appears in the Parameter Configuration field.
10. Click OK and confirm the parameter has been added to the Part Parameters list, then click Finish.