Adding and Deleting Report Elements

After a report is created, you can add and delete fields and other elements without creating a new report.

Adding Fields to a Report

To add fields to an already created report:

1. Select the main node of the report from the Outline view.
2. Select the Properties tab.

Properties Tab

3. On the Properties tab click the Report button.
4. Press the Edit query, filter and sort option button.

The Dataset and Query dialog opens.

Dataset and Query Dialog

5. Add more fields by clicking the Read Fields button.

All the fields discovered are added as new fields in the report.

You can also edit or change your query in the same dialog. If a new query discovers fewer fields than used in the existing report, the fields that are not included the new query are removed from your report.

6. Click OK.

You return to the Design view.

7. Expand Fields in the Outline view to see all the fields now available for your report.


8. To add fields to your report, click the field in the Outline view and drag it to the Design view.

When the field object is dragged inside the detail band, Jaspersoft Studio creates a text field element and sets the text field expression for that element.

Deleting Fields

To delete a field from a report: in the Design view, right-click the field you want to remove, and select Delete.

Adding Other Elements

To add other elements, such as lines, images or charts, drag the element from the palette shown in the following figure into the Design view, then resize and arrange it as desired.

Elements Palette