Defining a New Variable or Editing an Existing One

As with many other elements, all defined variables are visible in the Outline view under the item called "Variables". From there you can create a new variable and edit its properties in the Properties view.

To define a new variable:

1. In the Outline view, right click the Variables item and select Create Variable. A new variable is added to the list of variables.
2. Click to select the new variable. Information for this variable opens in the Properties view.
3. In the Properties view, click the Object tab.
4. Update the variable properties. See Base Properties of a Variable for information on these options.

There are some built-in variables on Jaspersoft Studio, which present in every report. You can identify these variables because their name has a light gray color, instead of a black color, and the properties of these variables can not be edited. For information on these variables, see Built-In Variables