Software Requirements

Jaspersoft Studio requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). To compile the report scriptlets, a full distribution of Java is required. The JSS installer includes the required version of Java.

During the JSS download, you must accept the Java license agreement and select the correct operating system. Jaspersoft Studio supports the following common operating systems:

Windows 7/8, 32 or 64 bit
Linux, 32 or 64 bit
MacOS X, 64 bit

You can download Jaspersoft Studio here:

A page that lists all the releases of Jaspersoft Studio appears. Click the latest version, and a grid with the following links appears:

jaspersoftstudio_x.x.x_i386.deb for the 32-bit version for Linux;
jaspersoftstudio_x.x.x_amd64.deb for the 64-bit version for Linux;
jaspersoftstudio_x.x.x_windows-installer-x86_64.exe for the 64-bit version of windows;
jaspersoftstudio_x.x.x_windows-installer-x86.exe for the 32-bit version of windows;
jaspersoftstudio-x.x.x-mac-x86_64.dmg for the 64-bit version of MacOS X.

x.x.x represents the version number of Jaspersoft Studio. If your distribution of Linux doesn't support the deb format there are also tar versions.

Note that on a 64-bit operating system you can install the 32-bit version of Jaspersoft Studio (although the 64-bit is recommended), but you cannot install the 64- bit version of Jaspersoft Studio on a 32-bit operating system.