Creating a New Report

Jaspersoft Studio provides the option to create a report from scratch, add your own templates, or use one of the supplied templates. All of these options allow you to specify your data source. You have three data source options:

One Empty Record - Empty rows: This is default data adapter used to create a report without any data. It can be used to define the layout of a report before connecting it to a data source. A data source can be added or changed at a later time, after the creation of a report.
Sample DB - Database JBDC Connection: This is a SQL database provided with the Jaspersoft Studio installation.
Creating a new data adapter: Jaspersoft Studio supports a wide variety of data sources. Using the New button allows you to browse and connect to an existing data source.

To create a new report:

1. Open the File menu, select New, and then click Jasper Report.

The New Report Wizard > Report Templates window appears.

New Report Wizard

2. Select Coffee and click Next.

The New Report Wizard > Report file window appears.

New Report Wizard > Report file

3. Select the folder in the workspace where you want to put the report, and name the new report.

You can use the default folder MyReports, name the report use Example,.

If you want to create a new project folder for the report, see Creating a Project Folder.

4. Click Next.

The New Report Wizard > Datasource window appears.

5. Choose Sample DB - Database JDBC Connection.

Enter the query select * from orders and click Next.

New Report Wizard > Datasource

The New Report Wizard > Fields window appears.

New Report Wizard > Fields

6. The left-hand list shows all the discovered fields; the right-hand list shows those that will be added to the report. Select the following fields, then click the right arrow to add them to your report.
7. After selecting the fields click Next.

The New Report Wizard > Grouping window appears.

8. Click Next.
9. Click Finish.

Jaspersoft Studio now builds the report layout with the selected fields included, as shown in “New Report in Design View”:

New Report in Design View