The data represented by charts is collected when a report is generated and stored within the associated dataset. The dataset types are as follows:

Time period
Time series
High low

Think of a dataset as a table. Each dataset has different columns (fields). When a new record is inserted into the dataset, values are added to the fields.

Every report has a main dataset defined during its creation. But sometimes we need fields that are not returned by a query from the main dataset, or the fields needed may be in a different data source. The dataset element allows you to define many datasets inside a report, each with its own fields and data source. Every dataset is independent, so its fields are separated from the ones of the main dataset, and also from the ones of the other datasets

Creating a Dataset

1. Right-click on the report root node in the outline view and choose Create Dataset:

Create Dataset

The Dataset wizard opens.

2. Name your dataset, choose Create new dataset from a connection or Data Source and click Next.

The Dataset > Data Source window opens.

Dataset > Data Source Window

3. Select Sugar CRM - Database JDBC Connection.
4. Enter the following query:

select * from orders

5. Click Next.

The Dataset > Fields window opens.

Dataset > Fields

6. Move the fields listed in the Dataset Fields box into the Fields box. Click Next.

The Dataset > Group By window opens. In this window you can choose fields by which to group, as well as choose whether or not to use the group fields as sort fields.

7. Do not select any fields to group by. Click Finish.

The dataset you created in the Outline view appears.

GroupData Data Set