OLAP Tool Bar

The tool bar on the left side of your view provides access to many OLAP operations and features.

Figure 1: OLAP Tool Bar

OLAP Tool Bar Icons




Zoom on Drill

Toggles (that is, turns on or off) the zoom in/out hyperlinks for hierarchy members. See Drilling into a Dimension Member.

Sort Across Hierarchy

Toggles between sort of and sort within hierarchy. See Sort Options.

Hide Empty Rows/Columns

Hides or reveals rows or columns that do not have relevant fact data. See Row and Column Display Options.

Swap Axes

Changes the orientation of the table by switching the columns and rows.

Edit Display Options

Allows users to configure the cube options, drill-through options, and sort options. Edit Display Options.

Show Chart

Displays a chart of the navigation table data.

Edit Chart Options

Defines various charting options.

Change Data Cube

Changes an OLAP view and defines dimension filters.

Show MDX Query

Changes the navigation table by editing the MDX query that generates the view. This feature is intended for advanced users familiar with MDX and the data structures underlying the view.

Export to Excel

Prompts you to view or save the current navigation table in Microsoft Excel format.

Export to PDF

Prompts you to view or save the current navigation table in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Edit Output Options

Defines various output options.

Save View

Saves this OLAP view. Changes you have made since you opened the view are saved to the repository. If you do not have permission to save the view in its current location, the Save View As dialog prompts you to select a new location.

Save View As

Saves this OLAP view under a new name and location. Changes you have made since opening the view are saved to the repository in the location you select. Note that you cannot use the Save View As button to overwrite an existing view (even if you have sufficient permissions).