Drill-through Table

The drill-through table displays supporting details for the selected roll-up value in the navigation table (described in Navigation Table). The following sections describe the available functionality.

Drill-Through Table Icons and Options




Edit Properties

Displays at the top-left corner of the drill-through table. Selects the columns to display or hide in the drill-through table. The up and down arrows move the columns and specify the number of rows to display per page.

Output as CSV

Displayed at the top-left corner of the drill-through table. Prompts you to view or save the current drill-through table in comma-separated values format.


Expand/Collapse Member

Synchronizes the expansion or contraction of rows across all hierarchy members when they are clicked.

First, Previous, Next, Last

Click the arrows to navigate the pages of data.

Goto Page

Enter the number of the page you want to view and press return to display the page.


Set the number of rows to display.