Sorting the Display

Sorting allows you to display an ordered view of data.

To sort the display

1. Open your Analysis View.
2. Click .
3. Click the Move to Rows icon next to the filter you want to use to create a row, then expand it as needed.
4. Click next to Promotion Media and Product to remove them from the view.
5. Next to the Time filter, click the Move to Columns icon to make Time a column.
6. Click Time to open a tree displaying the dimension members.
7. Expand Time by clicking next to it, and select 2012, then click OK.
8. Click Measures in the column section, and deselect Unit Sales and Store Cost.
9. Click OK, then click OK again.
10. Click to activate Zoom on Drill. When active, its tool bar button looks like this .
11. Click to zoom into USA.
12. Clear Zoom on Drill by clicking .
13. Click the navigation table’s Expand All Members button .
14. Click the Edit Display Options button and make sure Show all parent columns, Sort across the cube hierarchy, and Start sorting in descending order are selected, then click OK.
15. Click the navigation table’s Expand All Members button again.
16. Click the Sort button next to 2012.

The navigation table displays the top stores for the year ordered by dollar sales amount.

Figure 8: Sorting the Top West Coast Stores in Sales