Editing an OLAP View

To change the naming, connection, or MDX query in an OLAP views

1. In the Search field in the repository, enter the name (or partial name) of the OLAP view you want to edit, and click the Search icon.

For example, enter food.

The repository displays the objects that match the text you enter.

2. Right-click a view and click Edit. In this example, we are editing the Foodmart Sample Analysis View.

The Name the View page appears with the fields populated.

Figure 25: Name the View Page

3. Make your changes to the fields as necessary and click Next.

The page that appears depends on the type of client connection defined in the view. For example, if the view specifies a Mondrian connection, the Locate a Mondrian Connection Source page appears.

Figure 26: Locate Mondrian Client Connection Source Page

4. Depending on the type of connection specified, enter values as necessary. Click each field that you want to change and enter new values. For details, refer to Creating an OLAP View with a Mondrian Connection and Creating an OLAP View with an XML/A Connection.
5. Click Next.

The Define a Query page appears with the query language set to MDX.

Figure 27: Define the Query Page

6. Change the query or enter a new one, if necessary.

You can also edit a view’s MDX query by modifying the navigation table and saving the view. To learn more about writing MDX queries, refer to the reference material listed in External Information Resources.

7. Click Submit.

If the view passes validation, it is added to the repository. If you receive an error, it is likely that the problem is a typo in your query. Carefully review the query to ensure that it is valid.

8. When you have a valid OLAP view, clicking Submit adds it to the repository.