Uploading an Access Grant Schema

To upload an access grant schema (AGXML)

1. Click View > Repository.

The repository page appears.

2. In the Folders panel, navigate to Organization > Organization > Analysis Components > Analysis Schemas.
3. Right-click the folder and select Add Resource > File > Access Grant Schema.

The Upload a File From Your Local Computer page appears and prompts you to select a file and set its properties.

Figure 53: Upload a File From Your Local Computer - Access Grant Schema

4. Under Path to File, click Choose File and locate the access grant schema you want to add.
5. Enter a name and description for the schema.

The Resource ID is auto-generated as you type in the Name field. You can change the ID if necessary.

6. To select a different folder to hold the schema, click Browse next to the Save Location field and navigate to the location in the repository where you want the file to reside.
7. Click Submit.

The new file appears in the repository.