Working with OLAP Objects in the Repository

OLAP views rely on several other types of objects in the repository. This section describes their creation and maintenance, including:

Working with Data Sources
Working with OLAP Schemas
Working with Mondrian Connections
Working with XML/A Connections
Working with XML/A Sources
Working with Access Grant Definitions

An OLAP view references most of these objects indirectly. The same holds true for Ad Hoc views. For example, an OLAP schema is a part of a Mondrian connection. The OLAP view refers to the Mondrian connection that in turn refers to the schema. The following figures can help you understand how the objects relate:

Anatomy of an OLAP View

Anatomy of a Mondrian Connection

Anatomy of an XML/A Connection

Anatomy of an XML/A Source

The repository objects described in this section are also used by Ad Hoc views that return OLAP data. Such views are created against OLAP client connections (Mondrian or XML/A) using the Ad Hoc Editor. For more information on Ad Hoc views, refer to the JasperReports Server User Guide.