Working with OLAP Views

Jaspersoft OLAP is an On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) application. OLAP applications help users analyze and understand complex data. Jaspersoft OLAP Community Project uses JPivot for analytical processing with an improved user interface.

The procedures in this document assume that you installed JasperReports Server with its sample data. The schemas and views it describes are available only if the samples are installed.

An OLAP view consists of a client connection and an MDX query. A client connection is either a Mondrian connection or an XML/A connection. It provides the data that appears in the view. Jaspersoft OLAP contains a number of sample OLAP views. This guide assumes you are logged in as a user with an administrator role (that is, that you have access to the view and its data).

The following describe Jaspersoft OLAP's analysis capabilities:

OLAP Tool Bar
Navigation Table
Drill-through Table
Analyzing Data in an OLAP View