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Connect newest version of Jaspersoft Studio to newest version of JasperReports Server


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Analysing the enormous error message, I noticed that it is an HTML page. I had to deconvert the HTML entities. When I oppened in the browser, it is nothing but the start page of jasper server with that anoying popup of  Heartbeat data collection terms.

I simply switched to another user that is not admin and it worked well.

So, it's the poppup that is breaking things

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In fact, when I changed the user wich I used to connect to the server via Jaspersoft studio, it worked not because this new user was not admin, but because the password of this new user had no white spaces.

So, staff, I really think there is a bug. When you try to connect jaspersoft studio to jasperreports server, if the user password has white spaces, you can't connect.

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