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Anybody knows how to retrieve subreport value without displaying subreport?


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I have a subreport that the only thing needed is one value. This value will be used in a Text Field.

I'm not  interested y visualize that subreport but if it is not printed the values is not calculated.

Everything works fine but always displaying subreport.

I've tried to make subreport very small and setting Overflow type to No stretch, but then the report unit keeps querying and don't ends the report.

Jaspersoft Studio 6.2.1 Win10 Pro x64 against Jaspersoft Server 6.2.0 Compilation 20151123_1853 Redhat 6.6x64 JDK 1.8.0_51-b16




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Hi guys, thanks for your replies.

KKriplani: this exactly what i have did but i have to deal with formatting subreport page and i think this very hard when i just like to get variable value. But this is my current solution and works. ;)

Hozawa: the purpose is that the value that i need is a grouping value from another query, I dont't have another option to ge this value inside this Report Unit. I was thinking in something like HTML does with components that renderized them but don't show. It's very much easer deal with text field with variable value than dealing with subreports.

Thanks to both,


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Hi all, I just proved with subdataset and table component and works perfectly for my needs, even avoid subreport use.

The only thing that cann't do is change textfield size inside table cell, it says that resize cannot change inside container layout, resized container and check Fit columns to table element property. In Width make it well but in height is more than table container and so is like is displayed in navigator.

Any ideas ?

Thank you very much for all of your helps.



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