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  1. Hi, I need some more information. Jasperserver prepares jasperserver logs, those logs will give more information. EDIT: 1) Open "apache-tomcat-XwebappsjasperserverWEB-INFlogs". 2) Open file "jasperserver.log" 3) Clear the complete file and save. 4) Open Jasperserver and download again. 5) Copy and share all logs.
  2. Hi friend, I would like to point out your attention at the option "Print When Expression". You could duplicate the textfield (for eg: One with all 4 borders and one with no borders). You could print the desired field based on your java param in the Print when expression. Maybe I don't entirely understand your question, if so, share a screenshot what you have and what you intend to have. Regards, KKriplani
  3. Hi, You should retry scheduling and try get the error in the messages issue or get the error trace from Jasperserver logs so we can understand the issue. Regards, KKriplani
  4. Hi Santosh, You are looking at the wrong end. On jasperserver, go to View >> Messages and look for the error message related to your job schedule. Share that message so i can get a better idea as to what really stopped the report from generating. P.S. Select this answer as relevant and upvote it if the answer solves your issue, as it may help others with the same issue. Regards, KKriplani
  5. Hi Himanshu, The issue is you are looking in the wrong direction. No change is required in the report. The change has to be made on Jasperserver. 1) Go to the scheduler properties of that report, Go to the notification tab (Right corner). 2) On the left side, click the very last checkbox that says "Do not send emails for empty reports". That should help. P.S. Select this answer as relevant and upvote it if the answer solves your issue, as it may help others with the same issue. Regards, KKriplani
  6. Hi, On the jasperserver UI, hover on View and select messages. This would give you the error, share the error on this page. Also configure the scheduler to send you a mail in case of a failure and that can be done by editing the scheduler, clicking on the notification tab and filling the details under "Send job status notifications". Also check the two select boxes named as Include report job information and Include stack trace. Regards, KKriplani
  7. Hi, What you should do is get the Date in the query and then create a variable which will return the max date by setting Calculation to "Highest". But my question is, Why do you need the max date? Regards, KKriplani
  8. Hi, No, the query only executes once when the report was generated. once you click on pdf export, the pdf is generated. However, in case of a scheduler, the query executes once everytime the scheduler mails a result. Regards, KKriplani
  9. open the jasperserver.log, clear the complete logs and close the file. Now rerun the report and open the logs. Share the same here for knowing what the issue exactly is. Attach the file rather than sharing it in the comments.
  10. Hi, In order to populate the jasperserver.log, go to the UI of jasperserver, login using the relevant credentials and click on manage, under manage click on "Server settings". for sql query executer, select DEBUG. Regards, KKriplani
  11. Add a "No Data" band to the report. In the property of report, search for the property named "When No Data" and select "No Data Section". Regards, KKriplani
  12. Hi, First of all check the jasperserver logs and attach a file for the same on this forum.
  13. Hi, Click on the table component. In the properties bar you will notice a property named: "When no data type". In the drop down for that property, select "Blank". Regards, KKriplani
  14. Hi, Basically your tomcat needs to be tuned. Here are a few steps to do the same. Regards, KKriplani
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