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Reset jasperadmin password


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First, before you do anything, recommend that you backup your database because I'm not 100% sure if this will cause any issues.

In jasperreports server database, edit "password" column in jiuser table for the jasperadmin username.

I'm not sure whether erasing the entry will do or if you need to reset it the the default password. To reset it to the default, you'll need to setup a JasperReports Server "WAR" installation (refer to JasperReports Server Installation" manual. Try the following:

Run in buildomatic folder: ant refresh-config. Find the encrypted
# password in buildomatic master.properties and in /build_conf/default/js.config.properties


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If you still have a user "superuser" (we work with multi-tenancy, so we find such a user who has access across multiple "organizations" useful), you could log on as that user, and you should have the ability to Manage | Users, then select user "jasperadmin", Edit, then fill in "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields, and then click "Save".

Of course, I'm guessing if only one person knew the password for user "jasperadmin", then probably that same person is the only one who knew the password for "superuser", but I thought I'd mention it just in case either someone there knows it or in case it was never changed from the default password of "superuser".


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