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Interested in new features of JasperServer 3.0-RC1


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I am Marina Ryzhikova, the JasperSoft QA Manager. I am responsible for QA for all open source and professional edition releases.


We have a JasperServer 3.0-RC1 release candidate which available and I am seeking JasperForge.org members that are interested in testing the candidate when it is available.


If you are interested in helping with the testing, log in on the JasperForge Developer Forge at http://jasperforge.org/sf/sfmain/do/login (create a Developer Forge account here, http://jasperforge.org/sf/sfmain/do/createUser/, if you do not already have one).


Next, navigate to the JasperServer project, http://jasperforge.org/sf/projects/jasperserver and select 'Join this Project' from the upper left corner of the screen. When prompted, enter "I want to help Marina test JasperServer" in the 'Request Comment' box.


Please log all bugs before May 15th, 2008. Thank you!


JasperServer 3.0-RC1 includes these features:

Revamped Repository Manager – The usability of the repository manager has been improved significantly with the introduction of the tree widget which allows over viewing the entire repository.


Pluggable Text Processors – New configuration properties and public interfaces were introduced into the reporting engine to allow customizing text processing. This covers enhancements such as the

ability to keep all the text content of an element during report filling, the ability to truncate text at character (default is truncate at word) as well as the ability to plug custom text measures to speed up report generating routines.


Top of Page Controls – New layout option is available for embedding the input controls form at the top of the report view page.


Move/Copy Resources API – It is now possible to move and/or copy resources within the repository.


Password Expiration – Administrators can control the password expiration policy using an application parameter. When their passwords expire, the users are presented with a password change screen first time try to log in.


User Authentication via URL Interface – It is now possible to specify the user name and the password as parameters in the URL for direct access to reports, analysis views or other screens that require login.


Pass Locale in URL Interface – The locale to be used when generating a report through direct URL can now be passed in as request parameter.


Configurable Sequential Filenames in Scheduler – Documents created by the scheduler can now have configurable timestamp patterns.


Please log bugs, bugs, bugs.. ;-)


First 20 confirmed bugs will receive JasperSoft ipod speakers! Looking forward to your feedback!



Thank you.


Marina Ryzhikova

QA Manager



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Hi Everyone,


The JasperServer 3.0 RC1 is posted and available for download. There is a War File Distribution zip and a windows installer.


In order to get it you will need to Files/Browse All Files on the downloaded area and look for the JasperServer 3.0 RC1 Release.






P.S. I will see about getting the JasperForge.org main display pages updated so that the RC1 is easier to navigate to.

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Regarding the two posts above.


1) Yes, the database has definitely changed (this has been typical with each release as we add features). There is an upgrade script: <install-dir>/scripts/upgrade/ jasperserver-mysql-2.1.0-3.0.0.sql that can be used if you have an existing 2.1.0 db


2) Sorry, yes, the documentation is still the 2.1 docs. The 3.0 docs with be available at the GA release.



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I manage to change the mysql script to postgres:


-- upgrade postgreSQL 2.1.0 -> 3.0.0

alter table JIInputControl alter column query_value_column type varchar(200);

alter table JIInputControlQueryColumn alter column query_column type varchar(200);

alter table JIJdbcDatasource alter column connectionUrl type text;

alter table JILogEvent alter column event_text type text;

alter table JIReportJobRepoDest add column output_description varchar(100), add column timestamp_pattern varchar(250);

alter table jiuser add column previousPasswordChangeTime timestamp without time zone;
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That's a big help thanks! :-)


I think I should probably set up a JasperForge project for PostgreSQL since there are many small tasks involved in making the port work - and they typically don't get fully completed until a little after the GA. I'll check with Marina on this.

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Version 3.0 still has its issues, which the beta testers are going thru, but there's always a data base script for it.


If you 're using the installer it'll reset the database so you'll need to backup that one first, then recover from back up. If you're using the war file is easier to update IMO. Just replace the war in the web server and run the update db script before re-starting.

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Hello! Thank you everyone for participation!

In order to make all the bug fixes into the next release, please log all the bugs until May 25th, 2008.


Thank you all for an awesome testing effort!


Take care!


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