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  1. The attributes of the SwapFileVirtualizer are: public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_SIZE = 200; public static final int DEFAULT_BLOCK_SIZE = 4096; public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_BLOCK_GROW_COUNT = 100; public SwapFileVirtualizerFactory() { // default values maxSize = DEFAULT_MAX_SIZE; tempDirectory = System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir"); blockSize = DEFAULT_MIN_BLOCK_GROW_COUNT; minBlockGrowCount = DEFAULT_MIN_BLOCK_GROW_COUNT; } So directory is not right. tempDirectory is correct, and the default is the Java temp directory. Sherman Jaspersoft
  2. You could create a bean or a custom data source for JasperServer that caches the data. Have a scheduled report that uses your data source that runs daily that will reload the data into memory. Other reports using the data source will use the cached data. Sherman Jaspersoft
  3. We have lots of people with Postgres working. What is the problem? Sherman Jaspersoft
  4. Make MaxPermSize=128M. The exported content is held in the JVM. Do you see the JVM consume up to the full 2 GB when you are trying to get the Excel file? Sherman Jaspersoft
  5. How long does a report on Solaris take to run compared to Linux? Have a look at this: http://www.jaspersoft.com/configuring-report-scheduler particularly the job misfire threshold. Sherman Jaspersoft
  6. Change the file /WEB-INF/Bundles/adhoc_masks.properties The lines starting with "ADH_100_MASK" are the ones to look at. There are other files /WEB-INF/Bundles/adhoc_masks_<region>.properties for localizing the display. Sherman Jaspersoft
  7. It is in the unit tests under src/test/resources/jars. There is no source /tools/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/thumbs_down.gif Sherman Jaspersoft
  8. You can do this with an iFrame where the JasperServer screen is in the iFrame. You probably will need to do some single sign on between your web site and JasperServer. If you add "decorate=no" to the URL that goes to JasperServer, you will not see JasperServer menus and other surrunding content. You can also integrate via web services. There are example PHP and JSP applications in the JasperServer source distribution that do this. Sherman Jaspersoft
  9. Exactly. You have to upgrade 1 version at a time. Sherman Jaspersoft
  10. You are after repository permissions, which can be set by role and user. Have a look in the JasperServer user guide for details. Sherman Jaspersoft
  11. Just call the URL in PHP or Javascript - ie. whereever you are doing the logout. Sherman Jaspersoft
  12. OK - I checked into this further. Looks like there is a bug related to the issue outlined here: http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/user/view/cs_msg/83590 We need to import org.apache.commons.io.* into the UploadMultipartFilter class. Is the file particularly large? That may be causing commons.io to create the temp file and run into the problem. Sherman Jaspersoft
  13. Try URLs like: Run without prompts by providing the parameter: http://robot:8080/jasperserver-pro/flow.html?_flowId=viewReportFlow&ParentFolderUri=%2Freports%2Fsamples&decorate=no&reportUnit=%2Freports%2Fsamples%2FEmployeeAccounts&j_username=jasperadmin&j_password=jasperadmin&EmployeeID=sarah_id Run with prompt for parameters: http://robot:8080/jasperserver-pro/flow.html?_flowId=viewReportFlow&ParentFolderUri=%2Freports%2Fsamples&decorate=no&reportUnit=%2Freports%2Fsamples%2FEmployeeAccounts&j_username=jasperadmin&j_password=jasperadmin Sherman Jaspersoft
  14. For a queryExecuter to work so that it picks up the queryString in the JRXML, you need to make sure that you do not set the JRParameter.REPORT_DATA_SOURCE in the parameter map. If you set REPORT_DATA_SOURCE, the queryString in the JRXML will be ignored. A lot of report data sources cannot be used in query input controls, because they lack result set field types and possible additional data that some data sources which is in the field description tag in JXML. If a data source type can be used in a query input control, the way to make it appear on the query maintenance screen for query input controls is as you found: adding the queryLanguage into the queryBeans.xml. Sherman Jaspersoft
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