Uninstalling JasperReports Server

To uninstall JasperReports Server on Windows 7:

Click Start > All Programs > JasperReports Server > Uninstall JasperReports Server.


Under Linux, the <js-install> folder includes an executable that removes JasperReports Server from the host.

To uninstall JasperReports Server:

1. From the command line, log in as the root user (or any user with sufficient privileges).
2. Enter the following commands:

cd <js-install>


3. Respond Y or yes to the prompt that asks if you want to remove JasperReports Server from this computer.


To use Finder to uninstall JasperReports Server:

1. Navigate to the <js-install> folder.

For example: /Applications/jasperreports-server-cp-<ver>

2. Click the uninstall.app to launch the uninstaller.

Uninstall Survey

After running the uninstaller, you are prompted to take an uninstall survey from Jaspersoft. Survey answers are anonymous and help Jaspersoft improve the products we make. When you click Yes, the survey launches on the Jaspersoft web site in a new browser window. Select all the reasons that led you to uninstall JasperReports Server, or enter a short explanation if none match. Thank you for your feedback.